H 1B

H1-B Non-Immigrant Visa is for Professional Positions to work in the US. The H1 visa is for aliens who are sponsored by a US employer coming to the United States to perform ‘specialty occupations’. ‘Specialty occupations’ are defined by USCIS as those that require theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge to fully perform the occupation. This generally requires a minimum of four years of collegiate education better known as a bachelor’s degree.

The importance of ‘specialty occupation’, as defined above, cannot be overemphasized. Persons fulfilling professional positions, such as lawyers, doctors, scientists, computer professionals etc., are applicable beneficiaries of this visa type. Persons with incomplete or non-specific educational backgrounds will rarely be granted an H1-B visa, except in some cases where education and experience in the relevant area, or experience alone, may qualify. Aliens applying on the basis of experience alone are normally required to have twelve years of practice in the same profession or field.

H1-B visas can also be granted for aliens coming to the United States to work in cooperative efforts with the United States Department of Defense or for artists, entertainers, or fashion models possessing international acclaim.

A Labor Condition Application must be filed in conjunction with H1-B visa applications.

Information required / Checklist for an H1B Processing 
From the Company

  1. A profile of the company (Soft Copy preferred)
  2. Date of Incorporation
  3. Number of employees
  4. Gross Annual Revenue/ receipts of the company
  5. Net Annual Income
  6. Type of Business
  7. Complete address
  8. Telephone number
  9. Tax ID
  10. Name and title of the person signing the petition

From the Individual

  1. Passport copy
  2. Foreign Address
  3. If in US copy of Visa and I 94 (both back and front)
  4. Social Security Number
  5. Soft copy of the resume
  6. Copies of Degree certificates & transcripts
  7. Education Evaluation if any
  8. Experience letters
  9. Previous approval notices, if any
  10. Last arrival date into the US
  11. Exact dates of stay on H1B Status, if any