International Child

International child custody

Factors to Considered When Dealing with a Foreign Court in an International Custody Dispute

A foreign court may hold values that will affect the outcome of the custody battle such as:

Culture. Different cultures may have a profound affect on custody determinations in international courts.

Religion. Some religions have certain perceptions about the specific roles of each parent in a child’s life; religious values might be reflected in international court proceedings.

Obstacles to Getting Custody of Your Child in an International Custody Dispute


  • Child expresses a desire to remain in the foreign country
  • Child is a key witness in a case in the foreign country
  • Family/political ties in the foreign country


International custody disputes are very difficult to navigate for parents, attorneys, and government officials. There are two countries at play and often two parents with strong opinions as to where the child should live and with whom. However, at the heart of things, there’s also a child, who may or may not have an opinion of his/her own. Parents should try to remain as open and accommodating as possible and, equally important, parents should be prepared for a long struggle because the process of navigating the laws of a foreign country laws and reaching a resolution, suitable to the parties involved, may be lengthy.