‘I Care’ articles

These articles have been published in leading newspapers. They include:

  • “Dowry: An Ill-Defined Crime” was published on March 31, 2006. This article mainly lays down the laws of dowry in India as well as mentions the Dowry Prohibition Act (1961/1980) and the Punishment for Acts of Dowry Crime. It further suggests steps to amend to bring an end to the dangerous dowry crime.
  • “The Immigrants Dream Handicapped” was published on April 14, 2006. It depicts the several emotions experienced by the immigrants on entering U.S., whether be it on a H1B visa, H4 dependent visa, green card, student visa, etc. Emotions experienced by them are loneliness, fear, alienation, sadness, longing, despair and powerlessness.
  • “Institutionalization Racism and Immigration”, published on June 9, 2006 discusses the negative impacts of racism and the facts that immigrants need to focus on getting citizenship through the right way. She further emphasized that the immigrants should obtain the citizenship by following laws and they should also be aware regarding the laws that are in effect and that affect them.
  • “The USA Patriot Act”, published on June 23, 2006 defines the U.S. Patriot Act and also elucidates how the laws let the government run into the private lives of citizens.
  • Divorce”, in this article, Ms. Anu has highlighted the various reasons for granting divorce. In most of the Western nations, there are sixteen different reasons available over which a divorce can be granted while in India there are only five main reasons. She advises one to keep certain guidelines in mind when getting married and filing for a divorce.
  • NRI Fake Marriages…Spells Doom for Many, Ms. Anu in this article has addressed NRI marriages as a multi-faceted problem. She states that these marriages have more space for fraud and complications.

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