Anu Peshawaria in the Media

  1. Anu Peshawaria recently launched her new book, “The Immigrant’s Dream,” according to a press release. The book was released by Vayalar Ravi, Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, at Vigyan Bhavan in New Delhi Jan. 10, according to a press release.
  2. A different court Anu Peshawaria enjoying her lunch at the Coffee Shop of Le Meridien in New Delhi. I am here at a good time. I love mangoes and they are in plenty now,” the glint in Anu Peshawaria’s eyes adds garnish to her delight. Over the last two days, she relates, with such enthusiasm, “Between myself and my son, we have polished off a kilo.” In Fremont, her home for many years now in the U.S., “Mangoes are five dollars a kilo and here, you will find cartful of them all around you.”
  3. Anu Peshawaria with her sister Kiran Bedi ji
  4. For a Good Cause: Kiran Bedi and SevA – A Siliconeer Report
    India’s best-known cop Kiran Bedi was in Fremont, Calif., for the opening of a legal aid center set up by her sister Anu Peshawaria. A Siliconeer report.
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  24. California government honors Indian-origin attorney Anu Peshawaria
  25. SevA Legal Aid is a (501) (c) non-profit organization, registered in California, US.
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  40. Lawyer & human rights activist Anu Peshawaria’s book seeks to empower & educate victims of NRI marriages
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