Ms. Anu Peshawaria is the recipient of several esteemed awards for her commendable legal and athletic abilities, and also for her untiring devotion to the human and legal rights of immigrants. Anu has carved a respect worthy niche for herself.

Some of her achievements and awards are as follows:

  • 2013-Recognition by Mayor of Kent Seattle for creating awareness of womens rights.
  • 2013- Saropa by Kent Gurudwara for fighting for causes of domestic violence.
  • 2012-Social Awareness Award by indian american women empowered.
  • 2012-Award of Excellence by Anna Caballero secretary of state California for upholding immigrant rights.
  • Hind Rattan Award (2009)
    This award was in recognition of her generous contribution to the community and for her outstanding achievements in the legal profession as a leading attorney.
  • Pravasi Divas Award (2008)
    This award was being presented to her in 2008 by the chief minister Prakash Singh Badal.
  • National Award of Recognition (2006)
    Ms. Anu was being honored with the National Award of Recognition for NRI reforms in India.
  • Award for Excellence by American Federation of Muslim AFMI (2006)
    This award was being presented to her by the American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin NY. She was being honored for her outstanding, humble and generous contribution to the community, and for the outstanding achievements in the legal profession as a leading attorney.
  • Outstanding Community Leadership Award (2005)
    This award was presented to her by the City of Fremont, California for her outstanding work in the launch of legal aid programs which assists new immigrants to adapt triumphantly to U.S. customs and laws in order to enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • Alien of Extraordinary Ability (2000)
    This award was presented by the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U.S. for her exemplary and commendable achievements in the field of athletics and human rights.
  • Political Watch Award (1997 and 1998)
    Ms. Anu was being awarded with Political Watch Award for the extra ordinary work performed by her in defending the tortured female protesters in Uttrakhand.
  • Outstanding Women’s Award (1997)
    This award was being presented to Ms. Anu by the England Non-Resident Indians.
  • Melvin Jones Trophy (1992)
    The Lions Club International presented the Melvin Jones Trophy to Ms. Anu in 1992 for her outstanding work in law.
  • Bharat Nirman Award (1990)
    The Bharat Nirman Award is being given to both men & women who have excelled in their sphere of Activities & Career. This award was being presented to Anu Peshawaria in 1990 by the President of India.
  • Kanishka Award (1990)
    The government of India has recognized her contributions in the fields of Sports and Law and has conferred the prestigious Kanishka Award in 1990.
  • Rotary Club International (1990)
    Ms. Anu’s selfless work as a lawyer and as an outstanding sportsperson bagged the Rotary Club International in 1990.
  • Woman of the Year (1989)
    Ms. Anu was honored as the Women of the Year by Indian Government on the occasion of Women’s Day in 1989.
  • Certificate of Merit (1989)
    This award was presented by the President of India.
  • Outstanding Student (1989)
    This award was also awarded to her by the President of India.
  • Outstanding Contribution (1981)
    For her outstanding work in her field she was being presented the Outstanding Contribution Award by the Honorable Home Minister, India.
  • She won various Delhi University Award in 1978, 1979 and 1981
  • Outstanding Sportsman (1974)
    She was being awarded as the Outstanding Sportsman in 1974. The award was being presented by the Lt. Governor, Delhi, India.
  • Outstanding Sportswoman (1981)
    Anu Peshawaria was awarded as the Outstanding Sportswoman in 1981 by the Delhi Sportsmen Association.
  • National Scholarships (1974 onwards)
    She won various National Scholarships which were presented by the Government of India.


Athletic Achievements

Ms. Anu Peshawaria has been recognized as a world-class tennis player and enjoyed a well-known career of a tennis player from 1974 to 1989.


  • 1981-1982
    Winner of Quebec State Tournament in Canada
  • 1982
    IX Asian Games Winner of the Bronze Medal
  • 1981 through 1986
    National Women’s Tennis Champion, India
  • 1979 
    Represented India and reached the finals in World University Games, Mexico
  • 1979
    Represented India in Junior Wimbledon
  • 1978
    National Women’s Tennis Champion, India.


Ms. Anu has been well known as a tennis coach and also as a commentator for providing expert commentary on various high levels international and national tennis tournaments. These events include Davis Cup, ATP Tournaments and the National Open. To mark the level of commentary, Ms. Anu has been rated as one of the best commentators in the world.

Ms. Anu has conducted several tennis camps around the globe. Peshawaria Tennis Foundation has been established to support fitness and sports activities. Fitness and sports are very important for Ms. Anu, as they help young people get focused and goal oriented as well as passionate. Ms. Anu continues to stand as a coach.