Law Offices of Anu Peshawaria

Law Offices of Anu Peshawaria  is a unique Indian American lawyer who has expertise in both Indian laws as well as US laws and US Immigration. She is an Internationally awarded Indian American Attorney, social activist, and Author. Law Offices of Anu Peshawaria  is an internationally recognized professional attorney devoted to advocacy and protection of legal rights on a global scale. Apart from being an avid social activist for immigration, legal and human rights she is also a world class tennis player having represented India at WIMBLEDON. She is a recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her exemplary legal and athletic abilities as well as for her endless commitment to the human and legal rights of immigrants.

She has served as the First Legal Advisor to the EMBASSY Of INDIA, Washington, DC and all Indian consulates in San Francisco, Chicago,New york and Houston. She is a practicing lawyer at the Supreme court of India since 1984 and has worked in US in the field of Immigration since 1999 and has been licensed in Washington State since 2011. She has over 25 years of experience in handling a huge number of US Immigration, family law, domestic violence, civil and criminal litigation and International Business law.