Receives award in King County

Eminent Indian American Attorney Anu Peshawaria receives award in King County, Seattle, Washington for ending domestic violence

Eminent Indian American attorney Anu Peshawaria was today awarded in King County, Seattle, Washington for the “Take Action against domestic violence Award” by the King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence in Seattle, Washington. This award has been nominated due to her continued commitment and dedication to ending domestic violence in Seattle, Washington. Each year this award is presented in King County in Washington to several individuals or groups to recognize their remarkable efforts to end domestic violence in their communities.

The award was presented at the 15th annual Take Action Against Domestic Violence Awards Reception held at the Northwest African American Museum on October 23, 2014, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.

As a Defender of Women’s Rights against Social Injustice, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse, Anu has represented hundreds of legal cases related to female empowerment, child and domestic abuse, and matrimonial claims including dowry death, adultery, and divorce in India and other countries.  She was internationally awarded for her book on ending  Domestic violence ” Lives on the Brink”. Anu dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy to successfully defend  legal, and human rights of the women and children involved in these claims, often without pay.  She excels in this legal context, since she is personally devoted to helping women and children to reclaim their right to freedom, independent decision-making, and protection from abuse and oppression.

Attorney Anu Peshawaria, Esq.,Former legal advisor to the Embassy of India, Washington, DC. Peshawaria is a well known US Immigration, business and family law attorney. Experience of nearly 30 years in handling immigration cases both in India and US, and has offices in San Francisco CA, Seattle WA and New Delhi India.

She earlier received Award for Excellence for upholding Immigrant rights in California by Anna Caballero the Secretary of state of California in 2012. She was honored by the Mayor of City of Fremont in 2005 with the outstanding community leadership award. She received the title of “Extraordinary Ability Status” by the United States Government in the year 2000 in the field of athletics and human rights. She is the recipient of numerous awards and scholarships since 1974. For more details on Anu visit her website on

Action Against Domestic Violence

Action Against Domestic Violence