Business Immigration Laws of US and India, Event in Seattle, WA

Business Immigration Laws of US and India, Event in Seattle, WA

Business Immigration Laws of US and India, Event in Seattle, WA



Brief Highlights of the event is scheduled for airing on TV Asia Community Roundup program on July 17th at 10:30 pm (ET) and repeated for West Coast viewers at 11:30 pm . This program will also be repeated on July 18th at 7:30 pm (ET).


Business Immigration Laws: US and India.
An Alternate to Family Immigration.
The first of a continuing series of
‘exclusive interactive events’
held in Seattle WA on July 11th2014.

How many times has one heard from friends and family and even attorneys in India that the only way for an Indian to visit or work in the land of opportunity is either through a sponsorship of a family member or get married to someone in the US!

After India became independent 1947, droves after droves of young aspiring boys and girls graduated from the Indian educational institutes. They left no stone unturned seeking employment to lift themselves and their families out of the sordid conditions. The frustration caused by the lack of opportunities for the young and ambitious was devastating. The new found pride of being independent and free would be thwarted by emotional and financial subjugation and mercy of people of another world. Their crime was to seek an honest living, which a young independent India, impoverished by centuries of slavery, could not offer.

Upstanding and self-righteous parents succumbed to unseemly pressures to help their children achieve their ambitions. They had no choice but resort to lengthy family visa processes or in desperation adopt illegal means to seek an honest living. First, falling prey to dishonest touts in India to get the Visa and then stuck in fear of being caught for making false declarations. This has been going on for generations; the innocent being manipulated of their wealth and dignity, toiling under guilt, claiming false family relations, marriages of convenience and more. And sadly, the Indian immigrant came to be known, not for their education and hard work, but willingness to resort to any level to achieve their aim…

Horrified by the degradation of her people, one young attorney decided to change this embarrassing perception. Thirty years ago, Attorney Anu Peshawaria Esq, an acclaimed social activist and human rights crusader, has been helping and educating people about the legal and righteous methods of achieving ones dreams. After establishing a successful practice in Delhi Supreme Court, winning awards for her dedication for cases on human rights, she expanded her work to resolving cross-border issues. Her encounters with several misled individuals, stuck unknowing in the clutches of unscrupulous professionals, compelled her to start her practice in the US. After 15 years of empirical research, she compiled and recently published in her book “Lives on the Brink” which address issues culminating from lack of knowledge on immigration laws and the rights of the women. Answering to question from the audience, she endorsed that women and children have their rights protected in India even if they have emigrated or not born in India as long as they have some proof of their family ties. They are entitled to get their fair share of the ancestral wealth despite having given up their citizenship of India.

Attorney Anu Peshawaria, has now decided to address exclusive gatherings to impart the knowledge of the alternate, legal and lawful options to immigration to the US or India.

At this event the Counsel General f India in San Francisco, Mr. N. Parthasarthi and Anu Peshawaria addressed an invited gathering of highly qualified professionals such as Doctors, Aeronautical Engineers, IT Professionals, Educators and Small Business Owners including travel agents.

The Counsel General explained the improvements in the Indian Consular services at the Consulate in San Francisco. The previous independent visa processing company had been terminated owing to their corrupt practices. The new company Cox and Kings were now beginning to function with his personal intervention and the help of the Consulate staff. While, the CG assured that no passport has been lost since, if anyone should have any issues “Pease do not phone” but they should send email with all relevant information to the consular services. The CG can access these emails wherever he/she maybe and follow up with the staff. While delays might occur, he regretted, it was owing the extensive processing was a necessity to verify information on the applications. He stressed the need was growing to the increased security situations in India. Many of the attendees had questions on the status of asylum seekers. To which the CG offered that, besides OCI and PIO cards, one year passports were now available so the asylees could go to India and take care of their needs.
To this, Anjali Sachdev, attendee and MC , made a pleading on behalf of the asylum seekers to the Government of India to review their laws for the people who were forced to leave the country of their birth. They were persecuted owing no fault of their own. “After all there were extraneous circumstances that forced many people to escape the conditions of those particular times. As, we know the conditions have changed, so should the laws be changed to accommodate innocent people who were caught in the cross fire.

The turn of the economic conditions India, over the last decade has made it lucrative to work in India. India seems to be inviting many Indians and or non-Indians to seek favorable opportunities; hence the rush for applications to the Indian Embassies.

Anu Peshawaria endorsed the need for the Indian Embassies to verify the antecedents of the individuals of Indian origin or others applying for visas to India, saying that it were being done for the safety of the country. She reiterated the need for US citizens to inform themselves of the laws and regulations of both countries before embarking on their business.

Anu Peshawria sees the need of education of the laws both countries. Sighting the example of the recent Indian Diplomat Debjani Khobragade being mishandled resulted in a stand-off between the two nations. The laws that were unclear and misunderstood, resulted in the humiliation of Mr. N. Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, was refused a simple visitor’s visa to USA. Now that Mr. N. Modi has been elected the Prime Minister of India, President Barak Obama has personally invited him to visit the US.

Now, not everyone can become a Prime Minister and be invited to the US! Choose the right one from very beginning. Consular Services of either country appreciate a clear cut application with supporting documents.

Anu Peshawaria enunciated that there are distinct visa categories from A to Z. for the US. The Business Visa B1 / B2, allows tourism visits or exploration of business alliances and opportunities in the US, but not transact any business. These can be followed establishment of an office in the US where by employees of the Indian company can travel and live in the US on Investor Visa L1 Visas. These processes can be completed in 15 days, and with an investment as little as $10,000. There are no long wait times for the family. Later, these can be converted to permanent resident status / Green Card. Peshawaria sighted that, an owner of a Photoshop in India can now seek to expand his business office in the US. (Conditions apply)

Investor Visa categoriesE2 and EB-5 US Visa options of investments of $200, 000 to $500,000 in regional areas or 1million dollars can enable immediate Green Cards for the family.

It is a misnomer that H1B work visas, are given just for IT professionals. Though restricted to annual quotas, H1B / Temporary Work visas can be awarded to other professionals in high demand such as Healthcare and Teaching; which in turn can be converted to long term or permanent visa status.
While F1, Student Visas are an excellent choice for those pursuing education in the US, Research Visas are a good alternative for mid- to senior level professionals which enable them to be paid for the work they can do.

A special category, O Visa is open for people of exemplary achievement and abilities, a category in within which Anu Peshawaria, herself was invited to reside in the US. A person can be of any profession, musician, artist, scientist, entertainer, or artisan. In addition is the P Visa a dedicated category for performing artists.

These are just some of the alternatives, Anu Peshawaria alerts people to be very careful before applying. Paying money to get illegal/ wrongful entry into either country should not be considered an option. No country would welcome visitors who do not have honest intentions.


Mr. N. Parthasathy shares Anu Peshawaria’s book on Indus Attorneys

Mr. N. Parthasathy shares Anu Peshawaria’s book on Indus Attorneys


She invited the audience to check out her website for detailed information. All of the Visa categories do not apply to every country. She encouraged the audience to educate themselves before making just critical decisions. Seek the advice of knowledgeable attorneys who are familiar with laws of both countries.

In closing, Anu Peshwaria offered that any queries could be directed to her via the contact information on her website Please register on the website for an invitation to the upcoming sessions.
With credits to TV Asia Seattle Correspondent Susheel Kumar