Making a difference in people’s lives Anu Peshawaria – Former Legal Advisor, CCA, Embassy of India Washington DC

Social and human rights activist, professional attorney, founder of assortment of NGOs, author and Former Legal Advisor, CCA, Embassy of India Washington DC, Anu Peshawaria rides experience of several worlds.

 Anu Peshawaria

Anu Peshawaria

Ms. Peshawaria is a globally renowned professional attorney from India. Residing currently in California, United States of America, her work is devoted to advocacy and sheltering legal and human rights internationally. Apart from being an avid social activist, Ms. Anu is also a world class Tennis Champion and United States Tennis Pro. She has represented India at Wimbledon.

She has been dynamically planning initiatives and extending her services across the world for the past 25 years. From launching a variety of non-profit organizations like Indian Vision Foundation and SevA Legal Aid, to help the destitute realize their rights, Ms. Anu’s dedication has made her a recipient of a number of awards like:
Alien of Extraordinary Ability – She was awarded in year 2000 by the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U.S. for her exemplary and commendable achievements in the field of athletics and human rights.

Award for Excellence by American Federation of Muslim (AFMI) – Ms. Peshawaria received this award in year 2006 for outstanding, humble and generous contribution to the community and remarkable performance in the legal profession.

Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Award / Pravasi Bhartiya Award – She was honored with this award in year 2008 by Chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Prakash Singh Badal. This prestigious award is given on Pravasi Bhartiya Divas to mark the contribution of Individuals of Overseas Indian community in development of India by The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs. It was the occasion when Ms. Peshawaria also released her book “Immigrant’s Dream”.


Outstanding Community Leadership Award

 This award was presented to her by the City of Fremont, California for her outstanding work in the launch of legal aid programs for helping new immigrants adapt triumphantly to U.S. customs and laws in order to enjoy a higher quality of life.

She has also been awarded with a Political watch award for her commendable work in defending tortured female protestors and received prestigious Hind Rattan award, 2009 for her masterful and generous work in helping Indian Immigrants in the U.S. Read more about her awards.

Ms. Anu has been acclaimed regularly for authoring variety of articles on legal, societal and human rights, matrimonial and immigration issues. Her book “Immigrant’s Dream” (2008) is appreciated worldwide. All her articles and book have proved to be an eye opener for all those people who wish to reside in the US.

Since childhood, Anu Peshawaria has worked hard to encourage and give power to females with the intention of developing the minds as well as the bodies of the girls and ladies. She always wanted to nurture self-awareness, confidence and mastery in each and every lady so that they can become independent. During her childhood and her college days she enhanced her athletic skills and achieved national and international approbation in girl’s and women’s tennis. Apart from being athlete, Ms. Anu is an author as well as an acclaimed attorney from India who has a keen knowledge and vast experience in Indian law, U.S. law and international law.

Anu as Author
Anu has authored a number of books for the use of general public involving issues related to crime prevention, immigration, ethics, law and mortality. Among her various book, Immigrant’s Dream has achieved a lot of popularity for being a legal guide for NRI women, explicitly for those abused in wedlock. This book highlights the do’s and don’ts of NRI marriages. It includes real life stories of Immigrants who struggle for settling in US. The manuscript aids, guides and empowers women who have been a casualty of wedding deceit. It further covers information like which hospitals take you without any paperwork, shelters for homeless women and children, non-profit organization which will assist with things like translation services and filling out paperwork, etc.

Ms. Anu Peshawaria has also written a series of ‘I Care’ articles. These ‘I Care’ articles have been published in some of the leading newspapers. Some of these articles are:
Dowry: An Ill-Defined Crime’.
‘The Immigrant Dream Handicapped’
‘Institutionalization Racism and Immigration’
‘The USA Patriot Act’
‘NRI Fake Marriages…Spells Doom for Many’
‘I Care’ articles
These articles have been published in leading newspapers. They include:

“Dowry:An Ill-Defined Crime” was published on March 31, 2006. This article mainly lays down the laws of dowry in India as well as mentions the Dowry Prohibition Act (1961/1980) and the Punishment for Acts of Dowry Crime. It further suggests steps to amend to bring an end to the dangerous dowry crime.

“The Immigrants Dream Handicapped” was published on April 14, 2006. It depicts the several emotions experienced by the immigrants on entering U.S., whether be it on a H1B visa, H4 dependent visa, green card, student visa, etc. Emotions experienced by them are loneliness, fear, alienation, sadness, longing, despair and powerlessness.
“Institutionalization Racism and Immigration”, published on June 9, 2006 discusses the negative impacts of racism and the facts that immigrants need to focus on getting citizenship through the right way. She further emphasized that the immigrants should obtain the citizenship by following laws and they should also be aware regarding the laws that are in effect and that affect them.
“The USA Patriot Act”, published on June 23, 2006 defines the U.S. Patriot Act and also elucidates how the laws let the government run into the private lives of citizens.
Divorce” in this article, Ms. Anu has highlighted the various reasons for granting divorce. In most of the Western nations, there are sixteen different reasons available over which a divorce can be granted while in India there are only five main reasons. She advises one to keep certain guidelines in mind when getting married and filing for a divorce.

NRI Fake Marriages…Spells Doom for Many, Ms. Anu in this article has addressed NRI marriages as a multi-faceted problem. She states that these marriages have more space for fraud and complications.