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Anu Peshawaria is an internationally recognized professional lawyer who is licensed in India since 1984 as well as the in United States of America. She is a unique Indian American lawyer who has very in-depth and practical knowledge of laws of both India and United States.

She is devoted to the advocacy and protection of legal rights on a global scale. She is an avid social activist for immigration, legal and human rights, as well as a world-class Wimbledon Tennis player.

Anu is the recipient of a variety of prestigious awards for her exemplary legal and athletic abilities, and for her tireless dedication to the human and legal rights of immigrants, and other impoverished, oppressed, and persecuted people from around the globe.

Since childhood, Anu has worked diligently to inspire and empower girls and women to develop their minds and bodies to cultivate self-awareness, confidence, mastery, and independence.  She first did this by honing her own athletic skills and becoming the National Women’s champion of India in 1981, she achieved national and international acclaim in girl’s and women’s tennis in India, England, Canada and America and played for India in Wimbledon in 1979.  She has served as a role model to females around the world in setting goals for individual achievement, and learning strategies to protect their own human rights as a tennis champion and an outstanding lawyer.

Anu decided to pursue a legal career with the intent of providing affordable or pro bono services to the lesser fortunate sectors of the world’s population. For over 30 years, Anu has dynamically planned action initiatives, launched a variety of nonprofit organizations, and extended her services, time, and energy to help destitute and oppressed people realize fulfillment of their human rights, in the U.S., India, and other countries.  The Indian government appointed her as the First Legal advisor to Embassy of India in Washington DC in 2009

She is a recognized author has written numerous articles and books. She has written a regular column  “I care” for the Indian express in the past and is currently an expert on.

Indian American issues on Economic times as well. She has written for US newspapers as well as Indian American newspapers such as India West and Indiapost in California. Her books “Immigrants Dream” and “Lives on the Brink” were eye openers for Indian immigrants living in the US.

She has anchored television shows, helped numerous non- profit foundations, temples and churches all with the goal of helping the lesser fortunate across a range of struggles and endeavors. Her selfless energetic approach to her professional career has provided exemplary relief to hundreds of people who perceived they had no hope, nor sufficient money to procure legal advice or assistance. She received Award for Excellence for upholding Immigrant rights in California by Anna Caballero the Secretary of state of California in 2012. She was honored by the Mayor of City of Fremont in 2005 with the outstanding community leadership award. She received the title of “Extraordinary Ability Status” by the United States Government in the year 2000 in the field of athletics and human rights. She has received numerous awards and scholarships since 1974 all over the world including several awards from the President of India.



Managing Director – Anu Attorney Professional Law Firm, a Washington Law Corporation handling a variety of US Immigration, WA Family Law, WA Business Law and International contracts and Business Law




Active Supporter of Ethical Immigration Practices and Processes, Anu devotes consistent and comprehensive support and guidance to immigrating people to the U.S. to ensure ethical and fair practice, social justice, and protection of their human and legal rights throughout the immigration approval process, and as they acculturated into their new homeland.  Anu provides free legal aid to immigrants who do not have the financial resources to obtain legal counsel through regular channels.  She does this in a reverent, compassionate way that makes each client feel respected, informed, and valued as a unique individual worthy of equity and consideration no matter what their financial or social status happens to be.


As a Defender of Women’s Rights against Social Injustice, Domestic Violence, and Child Abuse, Anu has represented hundreds of legal cases related to female empowerment, child and domestic abuse, and matrimonial claims including dowry death, adultery, and divorce in India and other countries.  Anu dedicates an enormous amount of time and energy to successfully defend  legal, and human rights of the women and children involved in these claims, often without pay.  She excels in this legal context, since she is personally devoted to helping women and children to reclaim their right to freedom, independent decision-making, and protection from abuse and oppression.



Handled immigration fraud case of Tricityvalley university in 2012 in California – human trafficking where 19 Indian students were radio tagged and caused huge embarrassment to Indian government. Brought a quick closure and resolution of legal issues.

Legal opinion in case of DevaniKhobragade in 2014 which rocked the Indian and US government for diplomatic immunity for foreign ambassadors, consul personal and embassy of India. Gave series of opinions to consulate and embassy of India, Washington DC

Anu was instrumental in righting the some of the transgressions of this historic incident in 1994 at Muzaffarnagar, Dehradun, Delhi, Gopeshwar, Rishikesh and adjoining areas of UP.  Shameless atrocities were inflicted upon 300 women who were silent protesters supporting the statehood of Uttrakhand.  By political order, the police of Uttrakhand attacked these women, raping and physically beating them, and murdering their children.  These acts represented unbelievable, blatant and perverse abuse of intrinsic human rights.  Consequently, 345 perpetrators were arrested for these acts.

As the Legal adviser to the National Commission of Women, Anu investigated these incidents and submitted a report to the home Ministry.  Recommendations in her report sought a full-fledged judicial probe by a sitting female Judge; immediate ex-gratia payments to the female protesters; and a pledge to keep the identities of victims a secret so as to safeguard their honor and dignity.  Special courts were set up to adjudicate individual complaints, and punishment was meted out within three months of the incident.  The incident received national media attention and provided a context for healing, recovery, and privacy for these poor, defiled, and grieving women.


Defender and Protector in Human Trafficking Anu was instrumental in resolving the affairs of the Scandal in Rajiv Gandhi Institute case.  This case was registered in 1993 under section 376 of the IPC against the director of The Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Wasteland and Rural Development in India.  He was charged with the kidnapping and rape of a 22-year-old woman from Varanasi.  The victim disclosed that she was only one of five girls who were confined and forced to be sex slaves to the various government ministers.  The accused not only abused this young woman but was also engaged in human trafficking of at least four other women.  The local police ignored any report of this trafficking, despite the young woman’s persistent pleas for help.  This young woman chose to fight the case and sought justice despite the stigma and shame attached to it.  Anu responded to this young woman’s courage and offered to represent her.  She took up the case and ultimately the accused and other people involved in this sex trade were identified and arrested.

-Rendered legal opinion in David Headley case in Washington DC the most dangerous terrorist case and responsible for suicide bombings in India (bone of conflict between India and United States)

Reviewed Government of India policies for overseas women of India as well as overseas citizenship of India.


National Commission for Women

Anu was appointed as legal advisor to help resolve human rights violations and atrocities on women in India.

Foundation for Correction, De-Addiction, and Rehabilitation, Anu was a founding member of this important initiative, which has earned Special Consultative status with the United Nations.  She has served as a legal adviser for this nonprofit organization.

Legal Aid and Advisory Board Member of several non-profits and state legal aid organizations, New Delhi High Court Bar Association, King County Bar Association, Washington, Seattle family law division, American Immigration Lawyers Association, International Bar Association etc.

Anu represents a variety of pro bono cases and is a participating board member, serving poor and economically weaker sectors of society in the U.S. and India.

Sports Selection Committees and Judging Panels Nominee Anu has served on innumerable sports selection committees, where she participated in the judging and evaluation of promising athletes.



Award for Excellence for upholding Immigrant rights in California by Anna Caballero the Secretary of state of California in 2012.

Outstanding Community Leadership Award (2005) presented by the City of Fremont, California for outstanding work to launch legal aid programs that assist new immigrants to successfully adapt to U.S. customs and laws and enjoy a higher quality of life in their new country.

She received the title of “Extraordinary ability Status” by the United States Government in the year 2000 in the field of athletics and human rights.

Hind Rattan Award (2009) in recognition of her generous contribution to the community, and for her outstanding achievements in the legal profession as a leading attorney.

Pravasi Divas Award (2008) presented by Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal in Chandigarh.

Award for Excellence by American Federation of Muslims AFMI (2006), Long Island New York.

Political Watch Award (1997and 1998) for masterful work in defending the tortured female protesters in Uttrakhand; Outstanding Women’s Award (1997).

Melvin Jones Trophy (1992) presented by the Lions Club International for exemplary work in law.

Bharat Nirman Award (1990) awarded by the President of India.

Kanishka Award (1990) awarded by the President of India.

Rotary Club International (1990) awarded for her selfless work as a lawyer and for excellence in sports.

Awarded by Indian Government on the occasion of Women’s Day by Smt Margaret Alva (1989).

Certificate of Merit (1989) awarded by the President of India.

Outstanding Student (1989) awarded by the President of India.

Outstanding Contribution (1981) presented by the Honorable Home Minister, India.

Delhi University Award (1978, 1979, 1980, and 1981).

Outstanding Sportswoman (1981) presented by the Delhi Sportsmen Association.

Outstanding Sportsman (1979) presented by the Lt. Governor, Delhi, India; and National Scholarships (1974 onwards) presented by the Government of India.



Anu enjoyed a distinguished career as a world-class tennis player from 1974 to 1989.

1981-1982, Winner of Quebec State Tournament in Canada;

1982 – IX Asian Games Winner of the Bronze Medal;

1981 through 1986 – National Women’s Tennis Champion, India;

1979 – Represented India in World University Games, Mexico;

1979 – Represented India in Junior Wimbledon; and

1978 – National Women’s Tennis Champion, India.


After her athletic career, Anu was an internationally renowned tennis teacher and commentator.  She provided expert commentary on various top-level international and national tennis tournaments, including the Davis Cup, ATP Tournaments, and the National Open.  She provided commentary on important tennis matches of such top-ranking players of the world as Boris Becker, Pat Rafter, Leander Paes, and Mahesh Bhupati.  Anu has been rated as one of the outstanding tennis commentators in the world.

Anu also conducted training tennis camps around the globe, and established the Peshawaria Tennis Foundation to support fitness and sports activities for young people of all socioeconomic levels.  It is important to her that women of all cultures are routinely perceived as natural athletes, and that fitness and good health become top priorities for

society at large.  She values the importance of fitness and sports in helping young people develop into focused, goal-oriented, strong, independent, and compassionate people.  She has worked tirelessly to inspire and empower girls and women to develop their minds and bodies to cultivate self-awareness, confidence, mastery, and independence.  She continues to hold tennis camps on an ongoing basis.



Anu has authored a series of books written for public, related to crime prevention, immigration, ethics, law, and morality.

Her Book Lives on the Brink. Bridging the gap between United States and India has been hugely acclaimed. Her Book Lives on the Brink, Bridging the chasm between India and United States has been hugely acclaimed in India and US. The book is the first book of its kind which deals with all the conventions and treaties which have been signed by both the countries to address the issues of domestic violence among non resident Indians as well as child custody, service of legal documents and so on. It is a huge exposure of non- cooperation in many areas that has resulted in serious consequences to both countries.

Her earlier book, Immigrant’s Dream, is a legal guide for NRI women, particularly those abused in wedlock.  The book aids, guides, and empowers women who have been victims of marriage fraud.

She also wrote a series of “I Care” articles that have been published in leading newspapers.  The articles include:

“Dowry:  An Ill-Defined Crime,” published on March 31, 2006.  The article defines dowry laws in India and deconstructs the Dowry Prohibition Act (1961/1980), and suggests how the laws should change so that dangerous dowry crimes stop.

“The Immigrant Dream Handicapped,” published on April 14, 2006, which chronicles the process immigrants go through when they come to the U.S., the problems they face, and the emotions and frustrations they feel.

“Institutionalized Racism and Immigration,” published on June 9, 2006, which discusses how racism affects immigrants negatively but that, aside from it, immigrants need to focus on getting their citizenship the right way by following all laws and taking it upon themselves to learn U.S. laws and the right way of doing it.

“The USA Patriot Act,” published on June 23, 2006, defines the U.S. Patriot Act and explains how the law lets the government into the private lives of citizens in a way that’s

new to Americans.  It tells how the law should be changed so that infringement is not such a threat to public rights.

SPEAKER at various conferences all over the world for  Immigrant issues, domestic violence, criminal and civil litigation, student issues, Family law, elder law, bankruptcy, women issues, credit card fraud, Indian Laws, international business, NRI marriages etc in London UK, Canada, Italy, Australia, Boston, Houston, New York,Toronto, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, etc.



2011: US Bar licensing – Washington State, USA

2006:  Executive Management – Stanford School of Business, California

2003:  U.S. Laws Certification/ High Tech Cyber Law – Santa Clara University, California

1984: Bar council of India Licensing- New Delhi, India

1983: LLB – University of Delhi, India (equivalent to U.S. Juris Doctorate)

1980: Bachelor of Art- University of Delhi



National champion of tennis and winner various international tournaments from 1974 to 1989 and currently a United States licensed Professional.


Licensed to practice Law in Supreme Court of India and in the State of Washington. In other states,her practice is limited to federal immigration matters. Our associate attorneys are licensed in most US jurisdictions such as California, NewYork, New Jersey and can handle complex litigation matters in US and India.

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