The Law Firm

Anu Attorney Professional Law Firm is a Washington law corporation handling a variety of U.S. immigration laws such as WA Family Law, WA Business Law, International Contracts and Business Law, and International Custody and Family Law (for U.S. based Indians). The firm is among leading U.S. immigration attorneys offering services for California, New York, Bay Area and all other states in the U.S. It also offers legal advice and representation for all legal issues in India on matters related to Indian corporate, business, property and family laws.

We represent small and mid-sized corporations, Fortune 500 companies, school districts, as well as individuals from all parts of the world undergoing the U.S. immigration’s process. Founded with a vision to raise the benchmark in services related to U.S. immigration and other matters that will help ensure justice for people in need of legal help, we pledge to provide clients with professional service at every step toward achieving their immigration goals.

Our vision is to become a well renowned beacon of hope where immigration is concerned.

Our mission is to help fulfill immigration dreams legally.

Our values encompass:

– ETHICS: We promise to uphold ethical values at all times in all our legal dealings

– HONESTY: We promise honest dealing to ensure fairness & transparency

– EMPATHY: We promise empathetic listening and sensitive handling of client issues

– PROFESSIONALISM: We promise excellence to ensure the client’s interests are protected at all times